Employee Value Proposition

An employee value proposition encompasses the rewards and advantages that an organisation offers to its employees in exchange for their value addition to the company through their contributions. It includes monetary compensation, work-life balance, stability, respect offered to the employees in return to their capabilities, skills, deliverables, dedication and commitment. Employees who feel valued by their organisations stick around for the long-term and go beyond to take the company to a higher level.

Proteam Outsourcing’s EVP Benefits

Here are some benefits that our employees can expect when they work with us:

 Work Culture

A negative work culture can make it harder for you to retain current employees or attracting qualified talent for a new position. We encourage an open and honest working culture and are not tied down by bureaucracy. We give our people the flexibility to make their own decisions and actively contribute to the growth for us and our clients.

 Work Environment

We are committed to having a positive work environment where our people are free to discuss ideas and are deeply valued. We provide fair treatment and equal opportunities for all our employees. Our open-door policy ensures any grievances get addressed immediately resulting in a productive environment that fosters a performance-based culture.


Our salary packages comply with the industry standards as we believe the right skills should be nurtured and acknowledged the right way. We value the talent and time our employees devote to the company and our remuneration packages reflect our commitment towards their personal growth.


We believe benefits over and above the normal monetary compensation play a huge role in keeping an employee motivated and happy about their job. We have actively established a benefits system to keep our employees satisfied at every stage. Some of the benefits include retirement benefits, accidental/life insurance, sick leaves, paid leaves and more.

 Career Prospects

We give more importance to an employee’s individual capabilities when it comes to recognition and offering growth opportunities. We value their behaviour, efforts, character and dedication towards their work more than the years of experience on their resume.