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What does outsourcing involve?

Outsourcing is an ideal business practice and a resourceful way forward for a business to achieve increased efficiency and improved productivity. It is a seamless partnership that takes into account the evolution of the marketplace and the industry to make your business more agile and flexible.

Who can outsource?

Often, small business owners believe outsourcing is not an option for them as it may be expensive. However, regardless of the size of your business, you can opt to outsource your business functions and enjoy the professional expertise of the outsourcing partner. Based on your business needs, cost, resourcefulness and other such factors, we can become your success partners. If your business requirements are more than we can handle, we can draw from our pool of resources to provide a hassle-free outsourcing experience.


What happens to data confidentiality if I outsource?

We have the highest regard for data safety and security of our clients, and so, have set data protection guidelines in place to protect any data breaches. To preserve the confidentiality of our clients’ data, we also have several statutory agreements and disclosure agreements between third-party platforms and employees. Other data security measures include biometric checks, restricted entry to personnel and need-based access to crucial data. You retain the full control and authority of the data when you outsource right from the delegation of tasks and setting guidelines to the selection of vendors and more.


How does outsourcing impact the efficiency of my business?

Outsourcing does not restrict itself to merely handling back-end or front-end business processes. It’s a streamlining process that allows a company to focus on its core areas and thereby improve their productivity levels. The in-house team gets time to look at more pressing responsibilities and manage other business challenges while the outsourcing partner can take care of the everyday tasks. Overall, this approach results in enhanced efficiency for the business.


Are your employees qualified or do we need to train them on the job?

We have a large pool of highly-trained professionals who can help take care of your unique business requirements. Moreover, you can also choose to train the extended staff yourself to fulfil the business requirements as you deem fit.

What about the in-house employees once I outsource?

Once you choose us as your outsourcing partner, your in-house team is readily available to take on more challenging and business-centric responsibilities that contribute to the growth of the company. You can engage them through reallocation, promotion or termination, as needed. Often, reassigned employees bring a fresh perspective and newly-learned business understanding on the table that can enrich the work process tremendously.


Screening policies

As part of our policy, we screen every employee through a detailed verification process before getting them on board. Besides, every employee is made to enter into an employment contract that expressly addresses issues of fraudulence, dishonesty and disclosure of confidential information. In the unlikely event that a fraudulent act is committed, we have strict procedures in place to resolve any issues.