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Business process outsourcing can bring several benefits to a company through increased efficiency and improved productivity. We at Proteam Outsourcing have been helping hundreds of clients with our proficient consulting services that help them accelerate their business growth.

What sets us apart from the conventional advisors is our transparent approach and keeping our clients in the loop at all times. We understand the unique requirements of your business and craft customer-centric business solutions that assist you in meeting your business objectives.

Our offerings include:

 VCFO Services

Managing your business compliances, finances, statutory obligations, corporate governance and other such requirements is not easy. One cannot afford to be negligent while handling such vital business functions. We offer virtual CFO talent to assist you in times of critical emergency. If you don’t have a replacement after your CFO has quit, don’t worry. We can take over and connect you with the right financial resource to fill the void in your organisation for however long you may need us. We assure a high level of professionalism at reduced costs and help you manage the day-to-day oversight of your business.

 Migration to Cloud Accounting

Most businesses today are realising the boon of cloud accounting to streamline their work processes. Moving to the cloud not only allows you to record and store all your data at one central location but also lets you access it anytime, anywhere. It comes with multi-layered security, so your data remains safe at all times while you retain full control. Cloud accounting can make your business more efficient while freeing up your staff to cater to more important core business activities. Besides, there is lesser paperwork involved and making reports or finding details of a transaction become a lot easier with cloud accounting.

 Tools for Accounting & Financial Advisory Firms

Here are some software tools that we deploy for accounting & financial advisory firms:

Works Manager

We aim to enhance the connectivity through our in-house software via a platform that keeps associates across diverse teams updated. Additionally, there is a help desk that allows you to track productivity and access quick assistance for seamless operation of your business functions.

Risk Profiler

This feature makes it easy for financial and advisory firms to gauge the risk profile of a remote client online and make data available for planning. This results in considerable time savings and ease of information collection.


This feature matches the capabilities of a resource with the opportunities available in the organisation. If the required job matches with a resource with relevant skillsets and competences needed for the job, it’s an ideal fit.

Robotic Process Automation

Have monotonous or repetitive tasks that are slowing you down? Trust us to automate them for you with our RPA solutions so the business processes are faster, smoother and time-saving.

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